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  • Name:Polyether Defoamer
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Product Detail

Product Description

Defoamer is a kind of polyether additive. It has good properties of foam breaking and anti-foaming property. Defoamer is a liquid defoaming agent to control foaming in all water-based drilling fluid including freshwater, seawater, saltwater, and saturated saltwater, as well as completion fluids. The recommended dosage is 0.2 - 0.5% (v/v).


Technical Specification




Colorless sticky liquid

Density, g/cm3


Fluorescence grade


Density recovery ratio, %

Fresh water


Salt water





Stable performance for long time.

Excellent defoaming property with low dosage.

Perform well up to 150 ℃, can be applied in deep and ultra- deep wells.

Compatible with other chemicals well.

Non-toxicity product; environment acceptable.


Package and Storage

It is a liquid packaged in 5 gal cans and 55 gal drums. International packaging may vary. And they shall be stored in a shady and dry place with good ventilation.



They shall be avoided contact with eyes, skins and clothes, otherwise flush it with water. Handling methods and dangerous data shall be referred to MSDS.