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  • Name:SR301 Pipe Freeing Agent
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Product Detail

Product Description

SR301 are refined from oxidized asphalt, emulsifier, tackifier, and penetrating agent after special technology. SR301/SR302 with diesel, water, barite, etc. is mainly used for preparing pipe-freeing agent of different densities. It has a good effect to prevent sticking of drilling tool. Because the product contains high-efficiency penetrant, it has a good property of permeability for pipe-freeing. It can improve the ratio of pipe-freeing. The dosage depends on different situations.


Technical Specification            




Dark grey powder

Fineness (20mm), %



Emulsion properties

Emulsion breaking voltage, V


PV, mPa·s


YP, Pa



<1 (All oil)

Hard deposits



Mud cake should appear reticular crack after spotting fluid




Free stuck pipe effectively.

Decrease surface tension effectively due to good permeability.

Work better to free differential pipe stuck.

Compatible with other additives well.


Package and Storage

They shall be packaged in 25kg multi-wall paper sacks. They shall be stored in a shady, dry, and ventilated place.



They shall be avoided contact with eyes, skins and clothes, otherwise flush it with water. Handling methods and dangerous data shall be referred to MSDS.