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  • Name:NS-1 Nano-SiO2
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Product Detail

Product Description

NS-1 is the latest development of a hydrophilic modified silicon dioxide dispersions. NS-1 particle size distribute in the range of 1-100nm, which can seal nanoscale pore of shale effectively. The surface of NS-1 particles have a large number of unsaturated bonds that can effect with clay and barite under high temperature, improving the suspension of clay and barite, and preventing high temperature densification process, reducing the viscosity of low speed. In addition, NS-1 can improve the quality of mud cake, to reduce the HTHP filtration. Its recommend dosage is 2.0- 4.0% (v/v).


Technical Specification




Semitransparent liquid

Characteristics of Silica

Obtain a yellow transparent solution

Particle size D50,nm


Reduction rate of 3rpm reading value

after 150 ℃/16h aging, %





The particle size of NS-1 is nanoscale, which can effectively block the nanoscale pores of shale, and is beneficial to the stability of the shale wellbore.

It is beneficial to control high temperature rheology of high density drilling fluid, and can effectively reduce low speed viscosity of high density drilling fluid.

Improve the quality of mud cake and reduce the HTHP filtration.

Resistance high temperature up to 200 ℃, can be used in deep and ultra-deep wells.

Compatible with other additives well.

Low fluorescence, can be applied to exploration wells.


Package and Storage

It is a liquid packaged 5 gal cans and 55 gal drums. International packaging may vary. And they shall be stored in a shady and dry place with good ventilation.



They shall be avoided contact with eyes, skins and clothes, otherwise flush it with water. Handling methods and dangerous data shall be referred to MSDS.