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Warmly Congratulate Shandong Deshunyuan Zhanhua Branch on Passing Safety Production Status Evaluation of
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Warmly celebrate that Zhanhua Branch of Shandong Deshunyuan Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. passed the evaluation, demonstration and acceptance of Safety Production Status in August 2020.

Safety Status Evaluation refers to the activities of identifying and analyzing the existing dangerous and harmful factors according to the safety production laws and regulations, aiming at the accident risks and safety management in the production and operation activities of enterprises, examining and determining their compliance with the safety production laws, regulations, standards and specifications, predicting the possibility and severity of accidents or occupational hazards, putting forward scientific, reasonable and feasible safety countermeasures and suggestions, and making safety status evaluation conclusions. Zhanhua Branch conducted the first demonstration and evaluation of safety production conditions in September 2017. According to the standard of one evaluation every three years, we started to prepare in March 2020 by hiring Binzhou Safety Evaluation Center, a subordinate unit of Binzhou Safety Supervision Administration, to evaluate and demonstrate the status. On August 22nd, 2020, the site safety condition demonstration was completed, and the evaluation report was reviewed and accepted by four provincial senior safety engineers. The two safety status evaluation and demonstration of Zhanhua Branch passed successfully, which fully demonstrated our excellent safety management level in safety production, and marked that our company had fully met the requirements of safety production laws, regulations and standards currently implemented by the state. It also marks that Zhanhua Branch of Shandong Deshunyuan Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. has taken another firm step on the road of safety production and safety management!