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Improve Emergency Response Capacity to Embrace the Safe Production Month
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In the coming of work safety month, in order to further enhance employees' awareness of firefighting and improve their ability to deal with the fire emergency, Zhanhua branch of Shandong deshunyuan Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. held a fire fighting drill near the at 1# warehouse and the south side open area 08:00 on May 20 according to the 2020 emergency drill plan. The firefighting drill lasted for 2 hours and was successfully completed. Leaders and all employees participated in the drill.

Before the drill, the leaders of each department and the safety officer explained the emergency disposal plan of the fire scenes, the use principle, basic operation method and use notes of the fire extinguisher, air respirator, fire hydrant and fire hose. After listening and observing carefully, all employees experienced the process of firefighting on site. In face of the burning fire, all employees were very brave and active, and put out the smoke and fire quickly according to the steps and methods of firefighting. As a chemical enterprise, we should have basic knowledge of firefighting and master the use of fire extinguishers and emergency rescue equipment. During the drill, every employee also experienced how to use the emergency rescue equipment correctly and how to take emergency measures in case of fire, which laid a solid foundation for the fire safety work of Zhanhua branch.